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Message Subject To all you anti-union people.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here are some current pictures of how things will be under communism for regular (non-Jew) people.

Hope you like all dressing the same in rags, and pedling bikes,
because that is what communism was, IS and Always will be.

Coolie Labor at the Point of a gun for your Jewish Masters:

Commie Public Transportation; Keeping the Planet Green by riding bikes!

[link to christianseiersen.files.wordpress.com]

Commie Forced Labor; now you sell Oranges.
Don't sell enough, you will be reassined to work as a Prostitute.
Fail at the that, then you are a Useless Eater and will be turned into fertilizer.

[link to www.britannica.com]

Commie Teamsters:

[link to static.guim.co.uk]

and the list goes on....btw under Communism Deoderant and Tampons are only availible to the masters, not the Slaves.....So you do the math.
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