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Message Subject Woman Charged Over New York Firefighter Ambush Gun
Poster Handle Oscanator
Post Content
Woman Charged Over New York Firefighter Ambush Gunfirefighter-ambush-gun/comments?type=story&id=18084774

Dec. 28, 2012

Authorities have charged a woman for allegedly providing a convicted killer with the Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle he used when he ambushed four volunteer firefighters and an off-duty cop at a fire scene in upstate New York on Christmas Eve, federal prosecutors said.
 Quoting: Indysmindy

Why the hell did a convicted killer have an AR-15 in the first place???

Maybe the US really should re-consider its gun laws..
 Quoting: Canadian_Bacon

Are you really that fucking dumb. Criminals don't obey the law. So if they ban guns all the people that shouldn't have them will turn them in? How's that work in Canada? Did all the criminals turn in banned weapons? If you say yes your not only fucking retarded your a lying piece of shit. When it comes to our constitutional right keep your two sense to yourself.
 Quoting: Oscanator 24421278

Wow such hostility...

Let me guess you own an assault rifle and think your tough??

And apparently you can read either... I never said ban guns..
 Quoting: Canadian_Bacon

No I do t think I'm tough I know I am and don't need any weapon to make me that way. And that's where it starts with more restrictions, then registration and then confiscation. We don't need anymore laws, just enforce the ones we have. Under Obama illegal gun crime conviction is way down. For Christ sake under his watch his administration sent illegal weapons to the Mexican drug cartels. And they want tougher laws on the law abiding citizens, that's what pisses me off the most, fucking hypocrites!
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