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Message Subject Woman Charged Over New York Firefighter Ambush Gun
Poster Handle Canadian_Bacon
Post Content

I actually do know alot about firearms...
They do allow pest control here in canada.. We have an outbreak of wild rabbits going on right now...

I guess what i'm trying to say is thats an expensive round for pest control.. .22 will do the same when is comes to pests...

I figured you americans would be pinching every penny you get considering your economy is fucked, unemployment is on a rise and it's only a matter of time before your dollar collapses...

You people cant afford to feed yourselves but you can piss away money on .223 rounds for killing pests...

Again how dumb are you people....
 Quoting: Canadian_Bacon

Using that logic we should all trade in our cars for mopeds.
 Quoting: Copperhead

Umm yea not really the same dude...
Is that a serious response?? Did you even think about that before typing it??
 Quoting: Canadian_Bacon

It is the same. If you cannot afford to feed your family but you can piss away money on a car to get to work.......
 Quoting: Copperhead

Not the same at all dipshit!!
Are you going to bring food home on a moped??
Have fun in the winter with it..
How about transporting family and kids?? Adopt the chinese style, man driving, wife behind him holding a child on each knee while grandma sits on the back eating a bowl of PHO??
While weaving through traffic??

See the difference..
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