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Message Subject Woman Charged Over New York Firefighter Ambush Gun
Poster Handle Oscanator
Post Content

Well for starters " full autos" are very restricted in this country already. And if I own a firearm I don't want to have to keep it at a gun range. If I want to go shooting with my family I am not going to some gun range to do it. I will take them from My safe, place them in gun cases and transport them anywhere I like. Those kind of laws will never happen in this country. So in your country do criminals keep their restricted guns at gun range? And if you don't keep your restricted guns there, are you considered a criminal?
 Quoting: Oscanator 24421278

You don't have to keep it at the range but you need authorization to transport it there..

There's not as many criminals here that possess restricted weapons.. Why?, because there harder to get and the people that do own them lock them up properly which makes it harder for criminals to steal them...
 Quoting: Canadian_Bacon

Yea well you people probably need authorization to take a shit too.
 Quoting: Oscanator 24421278

What are you 5 years old???
Grow up.
 Quoting: Canadian_Bacon

Oh did I hit a nerve? Slave to the queen you are.
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