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Message Subject Woman Charged Over New York Firefighter Ambush Gun
Poster Handle Canadian_Bacon
Post Content

I actually do know alot about firearms...
They do allow pest control here in canada.. We have an outbreak of wild rabbits going on right now...

I guess what i'm trying to say is thats an expensive round for pest control.. .22 will do the same when is comes to pests...

I figured you americans would be pinching every penny you get considering your economy is fucked, unemployment is on a rise and it's only a matter of time before your dollar collapses...

You people cant afford to feed yourselves but you can piss away money on .223 rounds for killing pests...

Again how dumb are you people....
 Quoting: Canadian_Bacon

So your telling me you can shot a 1 inch group at 150 yards with a 22. I don't think so. That's why you idiots are having a problem with rabbits. Instead of killing those pesky rabbits your just wounding them with your mighty 22. And hey I made 110,000 this year, how much you make?
 Quoting: Oscanator 24421278

Yea thats it... You have to be 150 yards away with a high power rifle and a scope to hunt the elusive pests....
Thats about as bad as the british military calling in sharp shooters to kill the cows during the madcow outbreak..

This has nothing to do with my income, but I make 120,000 a year.. Canadian dollars.. You know real money... Not the bogus greenback...
 Quoting: Canadian_Bacon

Obviously animals there are as stupid as the people if they let you get close enough to shoot them with a 22. 120,000 hey so you netted what 40,000 after all the taxes you pay up there.
 Quoting: Oscantor 24421278

No we're just quiet stealthy hunters.. Not loud obnoxious drunk rednecks firing off rounds for fun...

And your close on the 40,000 but that would have been the taxes paid.. But my taxes pay for new community building, education, transportation, infrastructure and so on..
Not military, wars, black ops programs and presidential vacations like your country..
How much is your country in debt now??
No wait dont answer..
16 trillion and counting..

[link to www.usdebtclock.org]
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