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Message Subject Woman Charged Over New York Firefighter Ambush Gun
Poster Handle Canadian_Bacon
Post Content

Umm yea not really the same dude...
Is that a serious response?? Did you even think about that before typing it??
 Quoting: Canadian_Bacon

It is the same. If you cannot afford to feed your family but you can piss away money on a car to get to work.......
 Quoting: Copperhead

And pissing away money on a car to get to work is a great return on investment..

Do you know what return on investment is??
Probably not considering 80% of you lost everything in the market manipulation and mortgage scams since 2008..

Tell me how much did you loose??
 Quoting: Canadian_Bacon

I pulled my money out of the markets in 2007 and put it in bonds. I was getting up to 11% when the markets were carshing. The silver I bought way back when at $6 is now $30. The acreage I bought in 1985 has quadrupled in value and the money I invested in my machine shop is paying back in spades. You should see what my portfolio of firearms has done in the last month.
 Quoting: Copperhead

Scroll all the way down when quoting...
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