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Message Subject Feinstein in 1995 on her concealed carry permit
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Needless to say this woman is completely clueless

This is not an esoteric subject for me. My life experience is such that I have seen firsthand what guns have done. I've walked in on robberies. I became mayor of San Francisco as a result of assassination.
As a supervisor, I had no protection so I got a gun permit and learned to shoot at the Police Academy. When I became mayor, I succeeded in passing a measure banning handguns in San Francisco, and we instituted a 90--day grace period for pistol owners to turn in their handguns without incurring penalties. At that time, I turned in my pistol. That pistol and 14 others were melted down and sculpted into a cross, which I presented to Pope John Paul II during a trip to Rome later that year. The point is, I know where guns work for protection, and I know where they don't. I've lived a life that has been impacted by weapons, so this is not an esoteric, academic exercise for me. Nor is it a political exercise. I come to this issue because of real life experience."

Source: Nine and Counting, by Catherine Whitney, p.140 , Jul 25, 2000
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