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Message Subject Can a man truly love a Woman when he has hated his own mother since he was a little boy?
Poster Handle Crazy Harriet
Post Content
I've run into that before. Yes, he can have a great life with a woman IF he had a good early relationship with a close relative other than his mother. Perhaps his grandmother, an aunt, or even a long-term caretaker or neighbor he stayed with after school every day...it's more about bonding. Don't know otherwise.

One thing he's got to watch out for is marrying his Mom - that is, a woman with the negative characteristics. This is true for women, too.

Good luck to all who strive to have relationships. It's not reducible to a formula. So much depends on the discipline and determination of the partners to make the relationship work. Sadly, in television world, (and films) people make relationships work by escaping them...in other words, they don't, for the most part. This is great for divorce lawyers, realtors, and other retailers who get to sell two of everything, instead of one shared, but it's just hell on earth for the people who buy into this. You don't really think the last 4 decades of divorce stories - make that 5 decades - were about making prols happy, did ya? All about making those sales numbers creep up after the market was saturated.

Good luck, again. Don't be afraid to try. People can do some awesome things when they really want to.
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