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Message Subject Illuminati Insider Announces Their Agenda
Poster Handle Don Juan
Post Content
Well just by chance I clicked the link to this first, otherwise it looked like a cool conspiracy site, all the usual themes. The Illuminati message was about as smooth as I've ever seen but coincidentally I just watched one of Springmeier's videos on the 13 families and friended him on Facebook yesterday.

What blew me out was seeing guys like Greer and the DEA whistleblower in this crowd, as most of the serious DEA informants died the strangest ways while this guy has been at it a few decades & there's some real conspiracy heavyweights--the interpreter of world leaders for example.

BTW there are links in the Illuminati story to a larger exposition, I have to see if I can take it in later as it is a little too rich for my tastes.

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