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Message Subject How can we win the war on drugs in the streets, when we can't even win it in our prisons?
Poster Handle nightlight7
Post Content
There are many other entities and interests benefiting from WOD besides the prison industry.

2) Big Pharma & medical industry get to sell you their drugs and treatments for depression, anxiety, pain,...

3) Large bureacracies (DEA, law enforcement) get more funding and power.

4) Government gets to beef up its forces and gradually chip off constitutional protections of the population (such as privacy, property rights).

5) Government also gets to pick out and lock away the segments of population most likely to disobey the laws in general.

6) Majority population gets to keep the minority males during their peak reproductive years away from the majority females (or any females). This used to be completely overt and chief rationale in the early decades of drug prohibitions in 19th and early 20th century. Presently of course, it is quietly understood and accepted by the majority.

With such alliance behind, it's no wonder the seemingly irrational and expensive WOD is kept alive.
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