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Message Subject What is it you really want....
Poster Handle Sunyata
Post Content
I'd like a blowjob but I'll settle for a Beer
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29922547

That one is easy find a whore they want the same thing and you can wallow in your shallow desires together. I do not judge if thats what you want its what you want. beers at the store so get it whats stopping you
 Quoting: lucifer9

Shallow desires, golden desires, you're either bound with gold chains or bound with iron chains. Desires are the cause of suffering :p
 Quoting: Sunyata

Ok you have right to your thoughts and i do not judge. I ask you one question where you are at now Is it a manifestation of the all or is there something wrong with the place you now find yourself being? desires are not the cause of suffering. desire is what brought this whole universe into being but do answer my question. Is this place a place of wrongness or is it a place of creation of that which is?
 Quoting: lucifer9

Don't take me too serious, although I do stand by desires being the cause of human suffering. There is nothing wrong with anything at all in my perspective actually. The universe is essentially ecstatic. Its a playful joyful dance. Full of desire of being and because it is it celebrates by dancing all of us and we are it.

But any words put on this reality is phony. The ultimate reality escapes all conceptions.
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