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Message Subject You asked for it, you got it...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am totally going to take advantage of being old when my time comes.

I want to be the most annoying and eccentric old bastard ever.
 Quoting: Evil_Twin

Oh yeah, it's your duty! Young people are already starting to bitch about me moving too slow in the grocery store when they are behind me. Heard a girl tell her boyfriend"I wish this guy would move faster", He responed "I hate old people". Since that day the cruise control on the old grocery cart has been set to super slow. On top of that I just keep saying "what?" as if some unseen voice is speaking to me. I may start taking forever at the checkout and writing a check with my frail shaking whithered paw instead of using my debit card. I'm not even all that old yet,it's just my hair is turning from grey to white and my body is decrepit. grey rage...grey rage!
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