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un employment

User ID: 31062785
United States
12/29/2012 01:17 AM
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un employment
American people have forgotten where the UNITED STATES was 40 years ago! It is time for another civil war but a different kind.it will be people vs government as long as the people stand together the government will fall and it will b built again by the people!!! That being said government workers are paid way to much to keep everything f ked up why do they make more than me or you. I have had 3 different jobs in 13 years and 5 days total without work. 25 weeks is pleanty for anyone. If u focnt have a job by then you really didnt look.so if u really have a problem with that stop thinking the world owes you something. It gives you opportunity!!! Take it if you have nothing anything is better.


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