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inside reality; what is relevant?


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United States
12/29/2012 04:01 AM

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inside reality; what is relevant?
I have come to the point where I see nothing here any longer relevant.

It is interesting but also a bit confusing as there seems nothing of any importance taking place.

these strange pulls on my soul are rather annoying.

some people speak of some strange war going on, perhaps even beyond this realm, yet I do not wish to play in these murky waters, no.

I speak words, no?

Let what take place must take place; i suppose there is no why in consensus, but time seems a blunder of non satisfaction for many.

causes of suffering even though nothing is relevant;; well that is rather annoying i might say.

could we turn off the suffering, is there some sort of heaven button? Can the words echo loud enough or the syllables fall into place collapsing the time wave?

I guess no magik then? nobody to save everybody.
Christ is King
Being Mindful

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United States
12/29/2012 08:28 PM

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Re: inside reality; what is relevant?
I don't like suffering either, I only see Love,

Op being a Light unto the World works for me.

That is the only thing i respond to.


Light up Light up..bump
Yeshua/Christ Jesus/Esu Sananda/Christ Michael Aton/CM/ATON was Jesus Christ oversoul as he walked the earth,set up the Kingdom of Heaven within. To get to Father/Mother God is through your own Heart Portal, we have been gifted the HOly Spirit/HigherSelf as our guide.

[link to www.machiventamelchizedek.org]

Thread: Starships above my home

Love yourself, and your world will heal around you like the waves in the ocean. When One unites with the Holy Spirit/Higher Self, it becomes your mate, you are in love with the Divine within, then comes the relationship for he is the direct line to Father Source so you experience that connection, so then it becomes your rule of measure as to who knows the Father, The kingdom is within...
The Path to the New World is guilt, shame, and regret free.

Dear Father Mother God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change what I can (Me) and the wisdom to know the difference. I AM getting better everyday. Truly.......

God's dream is our Destiny...Light and Life. We can do it.
Spirituality + Technology= Balance into Light and Life.

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