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Message Subject Absolute Proof Sandy Hook was Staged- Emily Parker appears on Obama's lap - UNDENIALBLE
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This kind of reminds me of when people sat on the other side of the planet and claimed Breivik's victims were sims too.

The image you are comparing with was not taken a week before the shooting. It is two years old I believe it was revealed in one of the threads we've had about this already. So a little girl at that age doesn't change much in two years huh? Well, it's enough time for her to outgrow her red dress and her little sister to grow into it, who coming from the same gene pool, looks much like her sister at the same age. The third girl in the photo is not from the same genes, but is apparently similar enough to confuse some people who perhaps forget to factor in growth and time and what not.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23729414

How do you know that the image taken with the three girls is 2 years old?

The little one doesn't appear to have changed all that much between the two photos. If the earlier picture was two years older than the picture with the President, then that little one would look a whole lot different.

I am raising 2 girls (and 2 boys) right now. They change a lot in 2 years, at that age.
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