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Message Subject Absolute Proof Sandy Hook was Staged- Emily Parker appears on Obama's lap - UNDENIALBLE
Poster Handle Sherlock
Post Content
Yeah....I tried to see it your way, and then realized, DUH!In the family portrait Emily is CLEARLY the one on the far left, and the youngest beside her, and the middle child beside her. The middle child is wearing the same dress at the vigil that she wore in the family picture. Although I did find her fathers interview to be a bit unsettling at first, I realized that it is sometimes human nature to go with the flow until you are forced to face something head on, as in, laughing it up behind the scenes, and suddenly your face to face with a camera,relaying to the world your tragedy, and realizing the enormity of things suddenly, as your pulled out of your made up comfort zone. But what do I know? I'm just a lowly forensic interviewer.
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