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Message Subject Absolute Proof Sandy Hook was Staged- Emily Parker appears on Obama's lap - UNDENIALBLE
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The little girl on Obama's lap is her sister, she is the little girl on the far left on the first picture in the youtube clip.

Here's the dead giveaway:

That little girl has some extremely asymmetric features in relation to where her nose and eyes sit. We all do, but hers are OBVIOUS. Her nose being the X, her eye placement looks severely skewed like this:


Disregard the .'s - I had to use them to space the other characters.

Re-examine the photos it is a dead giveaway...

In fact, to be honest most 'matches' that you guys come up with aren't even in the ballpark.

The way that this krazy kooky over-komplicated konspiracy fishes people in is through WAKING SUGGESTION, it is a visual form of the 'reverse speech' scam that everybody used to be so in to.

The real conspiracy is far easier to follow:

They've all been drooling sitting around for years waiting for a series of shootings to capitalize on, and here we are. The media is all in going for it now, "Never let a crisis go to waste" I think they call it.

All of these actor theories are a completely R E T A R D E D...

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