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Message Subject Absolute Proof Sandy Hook was Staged- Emily Parker appears on Obama's lap - UNDENIALBLE
Poster Handle Larry
Post Content
I'm SO sick and tired of people trying to analyze grief and how we are to act when grieving. The dad in the news story is in PERFECT form for a grieving dad. How do I know this? I lost my 28 year old daughter and pre-born grand-daughter to a drunk driver 1.5 yrs ago. THERE IS NO MANUAL ON HOW TO ACT WHEN LOSING A CHILD!!! When I saw the news footage I wept for the dad. Why? Because I was in his shoes. I have spoken many times about the loss of my daughter & granddaughter. And LAUGHTER IS A MAJOR PART OF GRIEVING! On many of the occasions when I spoke to individuals & groups I laughed seconds before weeping. I spoke at a fantastic memorial for my daughter. Seconds before introducing me I made a comment about what my daughter would think about my upcoming comments about her. We both laughed. Within seconds I was introduced and when I heard my name and my daughters name, a huge wave of reality enveloped me again and I hyperventilated and had a difficult time speaking, EXACTLY like the dad.
So quit this ridiculous pseudo-analysis of grief. The dad and others acted exactly like a grieving person. Now go look at some articles about my daughter by Googling "Kortney Blythe Gordon."
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