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Message Subject WORLD at WAR, OFFICIAL 2013 THREAD (Doom always only a moment away)
Poster Handle Johnny Be Good
Post Content
Some of the things we may have to look forward to in the coming yr.

Nyquist: You mention that some of these prophets are respected. Did some of them predict events that have already transpired? Is this why they are respected? Also, you mention a return to monarchy in Europe. I seem to recall a letter Nostradamus wrote to the King of France describing a future transition from monarchy to republican government. This letter also indicated that republican government would not last forever and a return back to monarchy would occur -- perhaps indicating the early 21st century. Am I remembering this correctly?

DeGard: It seems that Nostradamus implied something like this but I have to admit that Nostradamus in my opinion does not belong to the highly respected prophetic sources. Because, as you surely know, all his prophecies are encoded in a way that nobody understands what he really wanted to say. I believe that he indeed had the gift of prophecy but there are many much better and much more definite predictions made by other seers and therefore I avoid Nostradamus largely.

The most respected prophetic sources in my opinion are first the Bavarian seer Alois Irlmaier who lived from 1894 to 1959 and second the so called “Feldpostbriefe” by Andreas Rill. Alois Irlmaier surely was the best German seer known today. He proved his prophetic gift many hundreds of times when after the Second World War many hundreds or even thousands of people visited him to obtain information about the fate of their relatives who were lost during the war. Once, his prophetic gift was even attested by a German court of law. It was indeed Irlmaier who foretold the suicide of the Russian leadership at the end of World War III.

Concerning the future of Germany, Irlmaier predicted for example that first there would be wealth like never before. This came true with the legendary “Wirtschaftswunder” of the 1950s and 1960s. Then second, there would be a loss of religious belief like never before. This loss of faith began years after Irlmaier's death with the Second Vatican Council in 1962 that destroyed the Catholic liturgy and opened the Church for coexistence with socialism. Third, he predicted an indecency like never before – and this came true with the coming of the Marxist counterculture, with hippies and the so-called Sexual Revolution during the 1960s and 1970s. Next he foretold that many foreign people would come to Germany. This came true with the Muslim immigration of the 1970s and 1980s that lasts until today. The next step would be a large inflation when the money will lose its value more and more.

I guess we will see exactly this in the near future with the breaking down of the European currency. Soon there would be revolution and then the Russians will attack the West very suddenly overnight. So Irlmaier's prophetic gift is definitely proved. Concering the “Feldpostbriefe” there is even a material piece of paper dating from 1914 with prophecies describing the outcome of the First World War, the political confusion up to the Second World War even with some specific dates and some more prophecies for the future including the Third World War. This is of course a prophetic source of the highest quality possible. Similar to Irlmaier, these letters predict a Russian surprise attack against Germany that will result in a total defeat for Russia. Another example is a Bavarian prophecy from 1912 by a seer called Sepp Wudy that depicts the burning down of the Bohemian forest with an impressive description of the effects of nuclear warfare including radiation sickness. There are many more quite precise and explicit prophecies that either came true already or probably will come true in the near future and many of them predict the Third World War and its outcome quite congruently.

Nyquist: Do we have anything specific on how the Russian attack is defeated? I imagine the Russian people would not be enthusiast about such a war.

[link to www.jrnyquist.com]
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