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Message Subject WORLD at WAR, OFFICIAL 2013 THREAD (Doom always only a moment away)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

From DC area - many have trouble with the flu/concussion/blood clot story;

Blake Hounshell ruffled some feathers by tweeting the Iranian plane crash story under the heading "conspiracy theory." (it was considered irresponsible) BUT no one has seen Hillary in a couple of weeks.

This is like Chris Stevens. The conspiracy theories aren't right; but the official version of events doesn't make sense either.

People have been working a lot recently (given the fact that it is Holiday weekend). My hope is that it is all related to the fiscal cliff...but I don't know...

My sister-in-law is a lobbyist - hopefully she'll provide some perspective.
 Quoting: DarbyDoom

I'm having problems with the flu/concussion/blood clot story as well. There is some plausible deniability cover story going on. Just not sure what or why. It all just isn't making sense. And...it has been 3 weeks since we have seen her and the POTUS hasn't said shit about the whole situation.I'm waiting for the Ah-Ha moment when it all makes sense.
 Quoting: Gerry52

Your kidding right? Due to testify on the 27th december and conveniently gets sick, so sick she will probably never have to appear. MY MY That is a mystery!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31234789

That is not the mystery the mystery is why...
 Quoting: Gerry52

I'm not so sure it's anything other than the obvious, saving her own ass. Politicians don't get fired they just retire.
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