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Message Subject WORLD at WAR, OFFICIAL 2013 THREAD (Doom always only a moment away)
Poster Handle Texan Buckeye
Post Content
The russians don't want peace, because their ally was attacked by a joint venture gulf states and terrorists and western forces.

They stand their ground. And there is no sign that Assad will fall, or is about to fall. All the contrary is the case.

The russians stand with their allies.

With whom do we stand:

1) with salafist terrorists in Syria, who officially have the right from a saudi cleric to rape 14 years old girls (called a marriage for an hour)

2) with Morsi muslim brotherhood nazi like organisations,

3) with saudis and gulf states, who spread their religious venom all over the planet including your state, with the help of petrol dollars we give them.

4) with the black turbans in Iran, with whom we talk, secret talks, open talks, since they took the ambassy, since they murdered 200 marines in Beirut, the Khobar towers, the vessel, the argentinia embassy ...

official talks, unofficial talks, backdoor talks, high end talks, direct talks ... we talk.

with whom we do not stand:

with the kurds, who have no country and are suppressed

with the tibetians, who were invaded in the 50ies and their religious leader is on the run

with the people in africa, dying of hunger and diseases

with the people in our own western states, being victims of a out of control banking system, who seems to drag us deeper and deeper in a shit hole.
 Quoting: ^àTOn^

We do not have the right to do that, neither the people would want it, neither it is a right thing to do. That is comon sense.
 Quoting: ^àTOn^

This is why we're all here, at this time. Turning the light on to expose the darkness that is all of our governments. Some to expose, others to learn. The time is coming, aTon. It's not enough to be prepared physically, we have to prepare mentally and spiritually, too.
 Quoting: Texan Buckeye

The light is rare. It is very absent. Actually it is not very existant.

Everybody is very friendly at the supermarket checkout, where you have to pay, but that is thin ice. When they go in for the solds, they would beat each other for a pair of socks.
 Quoting: ^àTOn^

That may be true, but think what it would be like if we all just gave up. Then, there would be NO light. It may be dim right now, but I think there are more good people than appears. Maybe I'm being a pollyanna, but I hope not. I HAVE to believe there is still good in this world. If I didn't, I couldn't go on. There would be no worth in life. Remember the saying, "It's always darkest before the dawn". I KNOW that it is true. The light is there, it's up to us to keep it in sight. I really believe that.
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