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Message Subject WORLD at WAR, OFFICIAL 2013 THREAD (Doom always only a moment away)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Speaking of Libya -

GNC PM Zeidan issued a statement denying that any Libyans were involved in Algerian attack - which resulted in this exchange between Rami el-Obeidi & Noman Benotman

Rami EL OBEIDI (@ramielobeidi)
1/19/13, 3:16 PM
@nbenotman A rather regrettable statement from PM Zidan - He's either being given inaccurate info or can't openly address the issue.

noman benotman (@nbenotman)
1/19/13, 3:22 PM
@ramielobeidi a classic statesmen statement. Your previous tweet is spot-on.

Rami EL OBEIDI (@ramielobeidi)
1/19/13, 3:31 PM
@nbenotman Thus its business as usual for Libyan governance and that until the monster they helped breed will start feeding on them.

noman benotman (@nbenotman)
1/19/13, 3:40 PM
@ramielobeidi This is the worst case scenario. God forbid.

Rami EL OBEIDI (@ramielobeidi)
1/19/13, 3:45 PM
@nbenotman We are both pragmatic people and that scenario has already begun.

Holy Shit...

Rami el-Obeidi was in charge of intelligence under the NTC (transitional government of Libya from March 2011 until August 2012). He is from a influential Benghazi branch of the powerful Obeidi tribe. While he is no fan of the ex-pats who are in charge of the current transitional government (GNC), he is not prone to hyperbole or histrionics... If he is suggesting that Islamists are "consuming" the government of Libya; I'd take his suggestion seriously.

Noman Benotman was a former member of LIFG who was influential in their negotiations w/ Saif al Islam. As a result of those negotiations, LIFG renounced violence and many of their members were freed. Some of them were then key figures in the 2011 uprising. Benotman is employed by Chatham House and many believe he is associated with British intelligence.

Isn't twitter great? Libyans "in the know" are tweeting that Islamists are feeding on the current government of Libya... Is anyone paying attention?
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