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Message Subject WORLD at WAR, OFFICIAL 2013 THREAD (Doom always only a moment away)
Poster Handle ..shoot the 3rd flr guy...
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Has the dynamic shifted with the latest developments around MENA? Esp the strikes this past week, almost as a bluff to the persian netwk to strike after their bold, an attack on syria is an attack on iran, rhetoric which was kennedy esque, or even teddy rosvltesque, the west, using israel as the wedge overtly is willing to take the fight to yhem.

I for one back the move by israel as i do not believe we must wait to have damage inflicted upon us to act.

The fact that rumors are saying that israel sent woêrd to both us and russian sources on the 22nd send the signal that russia may not be 100% behind assad. We all know that russia is partnered with assad bc its an easy buck.

Israel is dealing with a time bomb. They have 3 months max till the egyptian unrest spills over the borders of revolt and mayhem. While egyot fights within, israel / west must deal with iranian cells visa ve hezbollah, hamas and rev grd. Bc israel will not deal with, nor should a nation a bit larger than new jersey, an enemy at every gate as they faced back in the 70s.

In the end tho, its clear to see that the political and sociological theorists of the 90s and 00s got it wrong. The resource wars and clash of civilizations phases of the so called post cold war age are morphing into one.

Sorry if that was a rant, i usually just follow this thread for the past few yrs, never comment.
Just wanted to know if u think this is a shift in policy, we struck, the spy plane is still in orbit, now we publicly offer talks... srems we hold thr trump card.

How will iran play thouh?
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