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Message Subject WORLD at WAR, OFFICIAL 2013 THREAD (Doom always only a moment away)
Poster Handle BioReaper
Post Content
So folks, the above news topics has not changed much over the past few years.

Hezbollah is still a terror group, why Europe does not understand this is a question.

Iran is solidifying her axis by enticing Morsi to join the axis, Israel having to deal with Egypt too is a daunting task at a minimum.

Iran marches towards nuclear armed independence.

Syria continues to fall apart.

North Korea has become more bellicose and daring under the new young leader.

Mil Man, what will happen in the north? Just a matter of time and it will fall apart and come to blows. The wind is blowing towards the direction of war, but it like many things requires preparations and one way or another it will come. Purim is a deadline for hostilities to break out at this moment. That in itself raises the possibility of some prophetic results.

What about Iran Mil Man?
Israel is so stuck right now, it almost guarantees war. Iran needs breathing room and her neighbors being at war would give Iran what it takes to sprint to the finish line. Even then, North Korea and Iran are joined hand in hand and share many things, many things, just remember that.

In summary, we are in a cluster f-ck and worse now than ever before, Obama bought the enemy much time to prepare for the coming military conflagaration and that patience he forced upon all will be evident when the massive repercussions come out in the end results.

 Quoting: MIL MAN

Just my humble opinion, but I believe Iran has outsourced its nuclear program to North Korea and made it practically untouchable for Israel. When I first saw that North Korea was gonna test nukes, it hit me. They are testing them for Iran, with Iran.
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