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Message Subject WORLD at WAR, OFFICIAL 2013 THREAD (Doom always only a moment away)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Godzilla, I may be a little on the nerves today, forgive me.

You are banker. Didn't read the internal analysis up until now?
You know i like this country. But we are being taken by a bunch of socialist, who never worked ever in their lives in the private sector, and who used to masturbate to the communist bible when they were young.

I give you the figures:
Investments in start-ups: minus 30 %
housing market, mortgage transactions: minus 50 %
industrialiation. minus 18 %
unemployment rate: officially but already proved to be falsified, officially 10 % inofficially sligtly above 20 %
ratio state business vs private sector towards the BIP: 56 % state sector

You know godzilla, I am angry, I am deeply angry, I am mad, this country gets up early in the morning, this country is working hard. French people are very creative people, they do not shy away to create their business and fight for it.

I am german, I am living here, I tell you there is no reason why this state and these people are not succeeding.

I used to have an enterprise here in France. I closed it. It was a one man enterprise. I used to have a turn around of about 250 K Euros. I closed it. I am going to open annother one in Switzerland.

I am fucking mad, I am angry. We are being driven against the wall by a fucking bunch of socialists and unions.
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