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Message Subject WORLD at WAR, OFFICIAL 2013 THREAD (Doom always only a moment away)
Poster Handle Ashton's succulent Volvo
Post Content
Nearly 200 airmen and 6 B-52s from the Minot Air Force Base are deploying to Guam tomorrow. The deployment comes days after North Korea`s leaders threatened air bases in Guam and Hawaii. Tensions have been escalating in Asia.
 Quoting: Gerry52

Several On-Topic topics -

Looks like Guam is getting pretty hot.

We auditors go everywhere. The Japan Sub-Office covers the Pacific Islands. It was a pretty sweet gig until Fukushima...

Guam has these snakes though. They come up through the toilets & try to eat your bits (it you're a guy) - scary.

I know some former ABC guys. They swear that Kennedy was killed by the Russians as an end-run around Krushchev. One guy wrote a gook about it - Secret History of the CIA.

What to do if a nuke hits? The tests on Bikini taught us the fall-out can be a risk hundred of miles from the blast site. The best bet - Shelter in place. The kids laugh at my mini survival kit of duct tape, plastic sheeting, disposable outerwear, breathing masks, food, water, iodine pills & chitin - but we live on the wrong side of Washington DC & chitin doesn't go bad...

I'm not scared, but then again I do live on the East Coast.

here's an article of those snakes - Invasion Of The Tree Snakes And
Other Coming In [link to nswk.ly]

I'll look for an article of chitin...
 Quoting: DarbyDoom

Ok for those of us newbies who HAVEN'T been been vaporized or otherwise been within the blast-radius before

what should we pack? What's the best way to deal with the North Korean nuke blast that's coming at you fast, getting all up in your grill like it know you?

I mean, normally I can handle hand-to-hand combat, but is it wise to engage a 50 KT worth of badness barreling right at you at those high speeds?

Maybe I could say "shoo, go away blast-wave, do you know who my father IS!"? Once the missile lands, can I pay it off say three-fiddy?
 Quoting: Ashton's succulent Volvo 396968

Hey ASV. Look up in the right hand corner of the page. Can you see where it says Forum and then, Topics? If you do, click on Topics. Then go to the section on disasters. Click on survivalism. Ton's of really good stuff in there. You'll have to kiss a couple of toads to find the better stuff.

I wish I had a better answer for you. Years ago, my two oldest kids and I lived within sight of a nuclear power plant. The evacuation plan was a joke, or it would've been, if it wasn't so serious. I realized there was NO way to escape, so I decided I would take my babie's hands and sit with them on the back step. I was going to tell them we were watching the fireworks. Creepy, I know. Life just is what it is sometimes. Hope this helps a little.
 Quoting: Texan Buckeye

Is it scary to, you know, D-word? Will it hurt? Can I talk or sucker-punch my way out of it?

 Quoting: Ashton's succulent Volvo 396968

Yeah, baby, it IS scary, especially when you're young. I hate it that all of you are dealing with this. My kids and grandbabies too. When I was very little, it was the beginning of Vietnam and that didn't end until I was in High School. Then the Iran hostage crises and on and on and on.....I will tell you truly, I had hoped that all of you younger people wouldn't have to deal with this. Probably not realistic, considering, but without hope, what's life worth?

We don't know how we'll die. No one does. I always hoped I'd just go to sleep some night and never wake up. I doubt that'll happen. Death has almost got me a couple of times, so I've had time to settle my mind about it. You're still young and indestructible. I know, I have a few that still think that. hugs to you, kiddo. Whatever DOES happen is what is SUPPOSED to happen. Just my belief, that and a couple of bucks will get you a cup of coffee.
 Quoting: Texan Buckeye


*solitary manly tear ensues*
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