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With leaders like Netanyahu, Israel doesn’t need enemies

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12/31/2012 07:12 PM

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With leaders like Netanyahu, Israel doesn’t need enemies
In 1949, Israel lied to gain membership in the United Nations, but by the skillful use of blackmail, murder, bribery and Holocaust® guilt it has been able to inhibit the “civilized” world from doing anything about it. As a result, the UN, that great forum for world peace, has by inaction been co-opted in the slow, systematic genocide of Palestine. The most pernicious example of this collusion is the refusal to do anything about Israel’s systematic destruction of Arab homes to build illegal colonies for Jewish Europeans.

For the most part, this crime is invisible because it is actively ignored by the corporate media. If it is reported at all, the coverage is usually perfunctory, devoid of context, and often told from the Israeli point of view. This self-censorship has made life relatively easy for Western governments because it allows them to feign ignorance or impotence, and so not have to comment publicly for fear of zionist reprisal.

However, thanks to Benjamin “Baby” Netanyahu’s tantrum over the UN’s recognition of Palestinian statehood, willful ignorance is no longer possible, and active punitive steps against Israel might be unavoidable. When Netanyahu declared that Israel would retaliate by building 3,000 more colonist homes, he effectively did to the legitimacy of the Jewish State [sic] what the Jewish State (and numerous well-placed mini-hydrogen bombs) did to the World Trade Centre. Let’s sift through the rubble and estimate the fallout:

[link to www.gregfelton.com]

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 7512468
United States
12/31/2012 07:21 PM
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Re: With leaders like Netanyahu, Israel doesn’t need enemies
They're destroying themselves (again), and they're just too stupid to realize it.

The only problem with that is, they're taking us down with them this time.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 31238274
12/31/2012 07:30 PM
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Re: With leaders like Netanyahu, Israel doesn’t need enemies
To base anything upon something fictional as "god gave us this land" is just a baised bullshit story for retarded people to buy.

If i told a dude that his land was mine because its written in some ancient book i would be beaten to death most likely.

Israel gets away with everything because people still belive that we are in some kind of debt to the jewish people. Who are in debt and why?

Noone would argue that what hitler did was horrible, but what people fail to see is that many germans, brittish, russian, american, polish, hungarian... well every contry had people getting killed inn the war. Sure jewish people were placed in concentrationcamps and were the subject of horrible shit.

But still, does that justify them of doing the same? Do they rise above the law of mankind just because the are "the gods chosen"

I mean really.... if you think about it for 1 minute you would see threw this bullshit like a pair of worn underpants.

The jewish people will still be judged by the world upon how they act, they will not be judged by what hitler did back in 1939. They can no longer hide behind this genocide blanket and use that as a way to do bad shit themself.

This is just my thought on this matter.