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Message Subject magician dynamo is jesus christ...
Poster Handle Jacobite
Post Content
What are you lot babbling on about.hes not jesus so why the scripture? Omg are you thick the person putting dynamo down? He betted on the euro quarter finals til the finals and he had if all right.u can't fix the football matches and the bookies are not gonna give you!£50,000 for nothing.he definitely didn't bump into a few people having a drinking and tell them hes gona show them a trick and ask for and wohmans phone and tell his m8 to go2the v7uvan and weld her phone to her bottle she handed dynamo haha NO! WAKE UP! He does things tjat area unexplainable in front of people he bumps I
onto and hes definately not jesus but i personally think god made him for a reason and he's special and exasperating! HAS ANY1 EVER SEEN ANYONE LEVITATE OVER 3FEET IN FRONT OF ABOUT 100 PEOPLE? normally its half an inch.He's a good guy giving all that money to the cancer trust so how is he exposed you donut.HES MAGIC WITHOUT A DOUBT WITHOUT ILLUSIONS OR AN ANSWER TO WHAT HE DOES.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4124181

You the donut, boy!

Messiah healed people that had all kind of sicknesses. So, if this guy is the Messiah please explain to me WHY he didn't perform his trickery to HEAL those whom he donated money, dumbdumb?

dynamo is just another attention seeker who is heavily indulged into sorcery. Ima say it again, he doesn't have enougn tricks up his sleeve to levitate his behind from outta that lake of fire - Revelation 21:8
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