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Romania suspects new cases of Avaian Flu today

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 9103
United States
02/10/2006 12:15 PM
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Romania suspects new cases of Avaian Flu today
Romania detected new suspected cases of bird flu in domestic fowl on Thursday in the Danube delta where the disease was first found in October, the farm ministry said in a statement. "Rapid tests made on six hens from the village of Jurilovca in Tulcea county led to a suspicion of the presence of the bird flu virus," the statement said. The Danube delta is Europe's largest wetlands and lies on a major migratory route for wild birds. "If further tests confirm the H5 type, we will cull all the birds in the village as a precaution and we will send the samples to a British laboratory to see whether it was the deadly H5N1," said Romania's chief vet Ion Agafitei. He said the animal health authority culled all the birds from the small farm where the dead hens were found.