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You don't even see that I'm actually trying to help out, because you automatically read every word I'm saying as if I'm some poor lost little sheep.

I'm not trying to attack or defend, I'm giving some words that may sink in a little later when you start to continue your own questioning.

You etched into the beginning of the picture, but then didnt remove the curtains to look out onto the whole mural. A lot of people do this, they get a certain part, and then boom they jump off into a whole other direction thats so easy to get caught up in.

It's like an alcoholic saying he's not an alcoholic.
This is because of the mental trickery of it all, and all the loopholes that exist as pitfalls if you aren't strong in discernment and personal understanding of ego and self.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32873882


What makes everyone presume Lord Michael is not clear and focused in his thoughts and has spent many years analyzing all that he is saying?

If Jesus=God came before in human form, why can he not come again? Now is when we need his wisdom and love...more than ever.
 Quoting: Krystal

So then blindly follow whoever shows up and says HEY ITS ME?

That's usually how cults start.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32873882

I beg your pardon...I do not blindly follow anyone. U had better check some of my other posts to see if I blindly follow anyone.

Lord Michael, first of all is the most righteous human being I have ever known. He thinks only of his creation, putting himself in jeopardy many times.

Second of all, everytime we have had a conversation, or I have gone to him for counsel, he has never let me down.

I am a person who has been through alot in life, and I do not trust easily. Ask my husband. I am still trying to trust him.

My heart and soul tells me I can trust Lord Michael, and believe me...no one has the right to tell me I cannot, and NO ONE has the right to call this a cult...end of story.

 Quoting: Krystal

Not to be mean here... But you are calling a guy on Godlikeproductions "Lord Michael."

People want to find a savior so damn bad they look for it wherever they can. Why do you think politics and religion work? Tell the people you got exactly what they're looking for and let them hear the things their ears are begging to hear.

What about responsibility of ourselves? Realizing life is truly what we make of it, our decisions have cause and effect, whether positive or negative. That we are truly responsible for every single thing in our lives. How we act, feel, live, think... everything.
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