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Message Subject Iím a NRA Pistol / Rifle Instructor ask me any question you like
Poster Handle HundredthMonkey
Post Content
How do you rationalize the agenda of the militarization of local police departments with federal military-grade weapons and recent surges in police brutality against dogs, homeless and mentally ill? Is this to turn LEOs against the people and vice-versa? What percentage of LEOs do you feel will currently stand with the people vs. with tyranny, and do feel this percentage is swinging in one direction or the other?
 Quoting: HundredthMonkey

I respect your question but this thread is about Firearm safety , training and what is the best firearm for each person. I would like to keep this thread from taking a political turn and getting off of the topic at hand. Thank you.
 Quoting: USMC0369

I am disappointed but respect your answer. No further reply is necessary. These are, however, the types of questions the people really need answered by someone with your experience. Please reconsider and thanks for replying to my other off-topic questions.
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