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Message Subject Iím a NRA Pistol / Rifle Instructor ask me any question you like
Poster Handle USMC0369
Post Content

Like I said before I love the Glock-19 for my CCW weapon, but do not recommend it for a novice shooter do to the Safe Action Trigger (Lack of a Safety)

Iím not a fan of the 1911 style of safety that the Springfield XD has on it all. Iíve saw them mess up to many times in the past and cause a Major malfunction.

When youíre talking about a CCW handgun you need something that you know will fire every time.
 Quoting: USMC0369

Yet you do not have a problem with revolvers for "novice shooters", which have less safeties than a GLOCK does? Now I am smelling something rotten...

Only a fool would actually recommend the pathetic .32 as a CCW firearm. Whats next, a Jennings .25 auto?

This guy is no firearms instructor I would trust my life too, YMMV, but beware.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31297288

99% of all shooting take place within 21 feet. A .32 Auto is just as good as a 9mm at that close of range with the proper ammo in it. (Personal protection Ammo) The Question was about a pocket Firearm for a CCW Firearm. The .32 Auto is great for that you start moving up to 9mm and it gets way to balky.

As far as a revolver. It is a very safe Firearm. With the Double Action Trigger that most modern revolvers have today there is NO WAY that you will pull that trigger is less you want it pulled. Unlike some of the Automatics that have a hair trigger on it. The safety on the Revolver is the trigger.

Have you ever shot a Revolver?
 Quoting: USMC0369

You are so full of shit I can smell it over the internet!

NO .32 can match a 9mm with ANY ammo! Simple physics and laws of motion, fool.

GLOCK pistols have an average trigger pull of about 6~8 pounds, that is not a "hair" trigger.

On a GLOCK the safety is not only internal safeties, but the shooter, AS WITH ALL FIREARMS, the shooter is the most important safety.

You might be a firearms instructor (because the industry is full of half wits) but you are NOT a good one!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31297288

I did not say a Glock had a hair triger at all. You just go back and look at the post. and a .32 will do everything you need it to do at 21 feet.
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