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Message Subject Iím a NRA Pistol / Rifle Instructor ask me any question you like
Poster Handle AdHocBOHICA
Post Content

BC has nothing to do with the barrel twist. bullet mfr is also necessary to know the exact BC...along with the type of bullet..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17785333

Most .223 or 55.6 barrels are a 1 - 7 twist. You cant fire a 69 Gr bullet in a 1-7 twist Barrel.
 Quoting: USMC0369

YES YOU CAN........Back up just a bit. 55 gr is fine in most 1/7 twist 16" or shorter guns....MOST......depends on bullet construction. I know my Guns. Wrong.
 Quoting: AdHocBOHICA

Are you saying that you can fire a 69G in a 1-7 twist barrel?

I have always been told that is a no go it will destroy the barrel and that you would need a 1-11 twist.

I could be wroung.
 Quoting: USMC0369

Been shooting M16s and Ar15s since I was 17 when I was in the military.......55gr in 1/7 works ok as long as the projectile is well constructed. 69 BTHP SMK (Sierra MatchKings) are the shit through a 1/9 1/8 or 1/7 rifled barrel, whether they are button or cut barrels. used to do them across the course 200, 300, 600 yds. 600 was tough for the 69SMKs but Berger bullets were too expensive for us guys. Yep, don't let me down here...I pinned this thread because asked me to. BTW, I shoot A-Zone with my buddies for a dollar a shot @100 yards with a worn out G19.
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