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Message Subject I’m a NRA Pistol / Rifle Instructor ask me any question you like
Poster Handle FatalW1shes
Post Content
My CCW is the Taurus Raging Judge Magnum!

It's a true pocket pistol.

Shoots 454 Casull, 45 Colt and 410 shells.

Stand back!!!

But my question is this:

Clip, magazine or are the terms interchangeable in today's world?

 Quoting: Dirk 13083116

A clip is a device used to feed a magazine or cylinder of a revolver.

Like an unmodified SKS uses a 10 round stripper clip to feed ammo into an attached "magazine" that then stores the rounds for feeding.

Lee Enfield uses an 5 round stripper clip

Mosin Nagant.....same...

M1 garand uses and 8 round enbloc clip.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
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