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Message Subject Iím a NRA Pistol / Rifle Instructor ask me any question you like
Poster Handle AdHocBOHICA
Post Content
Question for ya, OP... What's the ballistic coefficienteny of a 556 69 gr bullet with a 1 and 9 twist?

 Quoting: Southern Lighthouse

BC has nothing to do with the barrel twist. bullet mfr is also necessary to know the exact BC...along with the type of bullet..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17785333

Most .223 or 55.6 barrels are a 1 - 7 twist. You cant fire a 69 Gr bullet in a 1-7 twist Barrel.
 Quoting: USMC0369

Nice disinfo there, most 556/223 are 1-9 twist and for the heavier grains like 75 you want 1-7 twist.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31298482

Question? Is .223 synonymous with 5.56 NATO? also.....what was the original caliber of the AR15 and what or who was the first organization to adopt it and in what year? What was the original barrel twist rate? I know because I carried it, I read books before wiki and met spoke at length with a design team member of Eugene Stoner........
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