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Message Subject Iím a NRA Pistol / Rifle Instructor ask me any question you like
Poster Handle USMC0369
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Many people who have reached 40 years old tend to find that their eyesight has changed. Like me, many have gradually become far sighted. This has made it harder to focus on the front sight(When in a fight, front sight)which is the way I have always aimed my pistol.

I have recently switched to focusing on the target more and have found while my bullet grouping has expanded to about a 6" diameter at 25 yards, I find that it is much more comfortable.

Do you have any words of advice, I would rather not wear readers while shooting.
 Quoting: Uninterested3rdParty

What I teach when Iím teaching CQC or CQM is the fowling.
When you are in a life or death situation and in Close Combat just look over your front sight and put it on the top of the chest of your threat.

In situations like that you donít have time to use proper sight alignment. You need to get lead down range fast. It does not matter if you hit the top, middle or the bottom of the threat as long as you hit it. You are shooting at an area target at that point and not at a point target.

If you are only shooting to protect yourself I say keep shooting that way when you practice, but try to shoot with both eyes open. If your shooting for the x ring every time, I would say get a Quick reflex sight on your weapon, because you will never hit the x ring by starring at the target.
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