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My useless thoughts about GUNS. Don't bother reading...

Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/01/2013 10:45 PM
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My useless thoughts about GUNS. Don't bother reading...
I apologize if you clicked on this thread, it's just my crazy thoughts about guns.

Guns are equalizers. a 90 pound woman with a gun is just as lethal as a 300 pound muscle bound man.

Guns do not shoot by themselves. A gun loaded with bullets and sitting on a table will not kill someone. A gun with a finger behind the trigger will.

Owning a gun does not make someone violent. Violence is a personal choice.

A world without guns would then have a lot of violent murderers killing with their bare hands or knives or hammers or whatever. Violence will continue regardless of if there is a gun involved. It appears we are merely debating the amount of damage that can be caused by a gun. Because a gun does give a person an advantage in that it can injure or kill quickly and less personally. However, this is the tradeoff people fail to realize. We NEED the ultimate equalizer or else there would be more innocent people taken advantage of in this world. People who, by force alone, would not be able to protect themselves. Criminals would run wild.

I would prefer to live in a world where if I feel I am in danger, I can buy a gun for protection. I personally do NOT own a gun, have never fired a gun, and believe that my swords and bats and knives will help me to equalize any situation. However I am not average in this regard, most people cannot wield a sword, or throw a knife, or know how to properly swing a bat. Guns are much easier, instead of dealing with the fear of a situation and having to get close to someone, you can simply fire a gun. Instead of a swinging action of a sword, you can pull a trigger less than an inch and get the same effect.

Finally, I was bullied all through school and learned to deal with bullies. I never once thought a gun would solve that situation, nor did I feel my life was in danger. If I felt my life was in danger, I would buy a gun. If some unexpected danger comes my way, you better be prepared to deal with my wits and my overwhelming force. I take any life threatening situation very seriously and will not hesitate to destroy you if I feel you are putting me or mine in danger. I do not start a fight, but I will end it. I simply wish to be left alone, like I feel a lot of people do. Therefore, I call for an end to violence and much tougher sentencing for people who START fights or START physical confrontations. If you have a gun or not, and you attack someone, EVER, you need to be locked away for a very VERY long time. Guns are not the answer, they are simply a way to level the playing field for those less tactically aware than their aggressors. I full support everyone owning a gun until the day that we all agree violence of any kind will NOT be tolerated. And when THAT day comes, when every single person in America is capable of rational and sane thinking, when they no longer resort to violence to resolve issues, then you can take away our guns. But you won't have to, people will freely lay them down. If there was no possible chance of ever being hurt or killed, the only reason left to own a gun is for hunting. We do not live in that world though. We live in a world where the possibility of being hurt or killed is very real, and thus we need the ultimate equalizer. GUNS!