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Open letter to Donald Kaul

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User ID: 875736
United States
01/02/2013 05:46 AM
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Open letter to Donald Kaul
Re: Article here
[link to www.desmoinesregister.com]

Your attack of the 2nd amendment constitutes sedition.

If you want anger in America you are going to be as disappointed as those of us who are sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, are, that you survived your heart attack and have published the following article in defense of establishment of a dictatorship.

[link to www.desmoinesregister.com]

We The People of America are not the rabble of the middle east, we are not the terrified peasantry of Russia, Germany or Tibet.

We don't react with anger. We act to defend our inherent rights with pity for those of you who are so terrified of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that you work to eliminate those options for all.

We act with determination to end the murder your minions
visit on the helpless in a pathetic attempt to have your way of slavery.

The Constitution defines our inherent rights, and an attack
on that Constitution and Bill of Rights makes you a domestic
enemy of America.

You will not be prosecuted, because we have the front man
for a coup-d-etat of the executive branch of government
sitting in the white house, pretending to be president.

You will however, lose your attempt, in collusion with others, to make slaves of Americans by removal of our right to defend ourselves with lethal force, against your tyranny,
meaning; we shall carry guns which right, you shall not

We The People