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Obama schedules potentially ‘catastrophic’ debt-ceiling ‘fiscal cliff II’ for February!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 6568391
01/02/2013 12:09 PM
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Obama schedules potentially ‘catastrophic’ debt-ceiling ‘fiscal cliff II’ for February!
This ain't funny anymore.

President Barack Obama scheduled another so-called “fiscal cliff” crisis for February by announcing late Jan. 1 he would refuse to negotiate any curbs on his use of the nation’s maxed-out credit card.“I will not have another debate with this Congress over whether or not they should pay the bills that they’ve already racked up through the laws that they passed,” he claimed during a late-night appearance on the last-minute resolution to the December 2012 fiscal cliff.However, the GOP-led Congress wants to use its authority over the nation’s debt ceiling to pressure Obama to shrink future spending, not to repudiate existing debts. (RELATED: House Republicans approve Senate fiscal cliff bill)Read more:  [link to dailycaller.com]