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2 Railroad Stocks Set To Profit On Mississippi River !

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United States
01/02/2013 04:44 PM
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2 Railroad Stocks Set To Profit On Mississippi River !
According to the Chicago Tribune, the Mississippi River water levels are at record lows and threatening to choke off channels transporting billions of dollars of cargo a year. These record low water levels, caused by the same drought that hit America's farmland this summer, mean increased shipping times and higher costs for the barge operators. As the barge owners pass the cost onto the farmers and commodity manufacturers, alternative modes of transport will become more attractive. So what does this have to do with KSU and UNP?

Railways Offer the most Value of any Alternative [link to seekingalpha.com]
Holy, holy,holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come.Praise the one who gives you peace beyond all understanding Yes that scripture still sounds good !