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Message Subject pyramid question?
Poster Handle Halcyon Dayz, FCD
Post Content

 Quoting: Halcyon Dayz, FCD

shut the fuck up
 Quoting: LUX Tard 31338071

Such a well reasoned and eloquent contribution to the discussion.

Did your wee wittle weelings get hurt by a joke?
 Quoting: Halcyon Dayz, FCD

I already contributed to this thread:

The secret egyptians societies build them. The Pyramids are power utilities like nuclear plants but they were NOT tombs for the pharaos. This is MSM Bullshit.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31310574

That's what this thread devolved into in 10 seconds flat.
A bunch of people making a bunch of unevidenced claims.

And no, a YouTube full of just more claims isn't evidence.
Evidence would be the archaeology, ancient text, etc.
You know, real things.

Still no excuse for your behaviour.
Did someone drop a house on your sister?
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