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Message Subject pyramid question?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No tool markings on the stones. They didn't have to move shit, except small quantities of regents at a time.

The stones were poured, alchemically. The mineral composition reflects this.

Anyone with extra sight can tell you the pyramids collect and focus subtle energies, depending on the composition/location of the pyramid.

Anyone with an extra bodies knows they can project their astral body out of the atmosphere and into other star systems through the pyramids.

The sphinx was originally a jackal, not a lion body/man head.

The start of knowing about extra-dimensional beings and intelligences for me began with examination of the pyramids. Gateway indeed.
 Quoting: Hales

I guess the ritual "tomb" (cenotaphium) was the astronaut seat but not like a rocketship as we saw in Stargate film but FOR THE SOUL or MIND TRIP to Orion, etc. Interesting the Incas who also mummified their dead ones did bury the DOG along with the master. I ignore if Incas mummified cougars...
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