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Message Subject pyramid question?
Poster Handle some infoo mation
Post Content
the masons know the secret. that is the secret they guard!

the pyramids were built using fibionacci proportions, they used sound to create electromagnetism around the blocks to make them weightless.

same way ed leedskalkin built coral castle
 Quoting: DPS

 Quoting: DPS

i have found the little known book 'Initiation in the Great Pyramid' to be eye opening - here is an except from it
[link to www.greatdreams.com]

Is it possible that Leedskalnin simply used equations 5-9(10?) of Maxwell's original 20 (mostly lost)equations? the 4 edited original ones are widely known

Maybe a glowing crystal orb the size of a basketball cut and levitated the blocks into place, and shimmery wavey things emanated out from it and looked really cool. Even i might worship that
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