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Be Happy With the World We Live in Today

Soapy Wolf
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01/03/2013 08:29 AM
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Be Happy With the World We Live in Today
Being as the type of person I am, I love to browse around places like GLP, Huffington post, and various places on YouTube to find out the latest news concerning the worlds current condition whether it revolve around religion, some new disaster appearing out of no where, or the latest doomsday fear that could quite possibly wipe us all out. Recently I have done a lot of research on today's current status on religion and I need to tell people, be happy with the world we live in during this day and age, yes it may not be the greatest but its far better than what could have happened. I have made a couple of theories about how the world would be now if either A. religion had full control world wide or B. if religion never existed and both end up with a dreadful outcome.

Future A. (religion having full control) This future comes from numerous amounts of posts on both my facebook and other places regarding the Newtown shooting. A lot of people maintain the thought that if religion were to be brought into schools this shooting wouldn't have happened. I'm sorry but that is completely wrong. If we had religion in schools and religion were to have full control in the world, there would be far worse revolts than we currently have. For starters it would go against what our country (the United States of America) was founded on. It was founded on the thought of "Freedom of Religion", with that fact that means all forms of religion and non-religion should be widely accepted in the united states, obviously if this were so there would be more protests stating that this country was wrongfully founded. Another point I want to make is if religion were forced in schools and else where (maybe even the work place for instance), there is guaranteed to have people of different beliefs. They would see this as an in-justice and would simply picket or riot against it. Us being humans and the united states, it would eventually blow out of proportion and end up with mass rioting, an overthrow of the government, and a collapse of that sanction of society. Soon the world would follow leading to unrest and war.

Future B. (if religion never existed) If religion never exist yes there would be peace because there would be no book of rules dictating us what is wrong and what is right, BUT there would be an unfortunately high amount of suicides. Many either normal religious people or overly annoying religious people need something to believe in. With out that 1 thing to believe in they would slowly fall into a mass depression and more than likely attempt suicide. Not only would the population greatly suffer but the arts that we come to know and love now wouldn't exist neither. The greatest piece of art on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel wouldn't exist because most of what the great painting revolves around is religion, take religion out and you don't have the art.

What i'm trying to get through to people is not to change from what we have in this day and age. While there maybe many ways we can improve, there are also many ways we decline in the future as well, which leads back to the title of this post. Be content with the way the world is today because it could have ended up a lot worse than the way we have it now.
I, I wish I got to dance on a single prayer.
I, I wish I could be strong without somebody there.
I, I wish I got to dance on a single prayer.
I, I wish I could be strong without the scheiße, yeh.