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TSA to extend commercial contract to continue testing its 45,000 screeners


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United States
01/03/2013 09:53 AM

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TSA to extend commercial contract to continue testing its 45,000 screeners
Guess they still make sure that the groping continues:

TSA has decided that in order for it to continue its current personnel testing program for its 45,000 Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) as well as other agency employees, it will extend its existing assessment contract with Personnel Decisions Research Institutes, Inc., of Minneapolis, MN, by a minimum of one year and perhaps as long as three years.

In a recently published “limited sources justification” announcement, TSA explained that it needs more time to transition the Employee Assessment Management System (EAMS), which is currently being offered by Personnel Decisions Research Institutes, to a newly-established DHS enterprise solution, in order to be able to certify each year that about 45,000 TSOs are technically proficient and capable of performing their screening functions to prevent security vulnerabilities.
[link to www.gsnmagazine.com]
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