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Message Subject GLP How many of us are sick today ?????unidentified respiratory illness?????Post if you cant stop coughing!!!!
Poster Handle Don'tBeAfraid
Post Content
Slept with a heating pad on my head. This shit hurts.
 Quoting: pool

There are two ways to treat pain.
1) An analgesic removes pain by muting the nerves sensing pain.
2) An anti-inflammatory which removes the inflammation that's causing an irritation of the nerves.

Big difference.

A lot of people try to numb the pain, instead of removing the inflammation. We think that much of disease is caused by inflammation.

A very good over the counter drug that is generic is Naproxen. This used to be given all the time for back pain. It's trade name is Alleve, but there's no reason to spend the extra money.

When you take an oral drug, your liver sees the foreign substance, and goes, "Wait a minute, there's chemicals swimming around in the blood. Better filter it to be safe." Slowly the liver absorbs the drugs which cross the stomach and into the arteries and most of the drug is absorbed into the filtering effects of the liver.

As you take more, then more overloads the liver and some gets by the liver and can treat the problem. This is called medically the "first-pass effect". An itravenous drug bypasses the liver and so that's why in the hospital they can give you an IV drug and you get relief faster.

With Naproxen, you can first (and only first) take a loading dose. You take an extra Naproxen, then more overloads the liver, then your take a maintenance dose (a regular dose), which keeps enough of the drug in your system to remove the inflammation.

These are the instructions that an arthritis patient would probably get.

Some drugs get "metabolized" by certain organs: chiefly the kidneys or the liver. If you take Naproxen too much, as some arthritis sufferers do, then it can damage the normal liver function. Go easy, but that shouldn't be a problem if you follow the directions.

When feeling achey all over from a flu-like situation, Naproxen can play a role. Your immune system is trying to fight and releasing special chemicals like interleukin, tissue necrosis factor, cytokines that fight as weapons. It causes pain.

If you have a virus, there's little the docs can do to help fight the virus or stop the replication (making copies) of the virus. If bacterial (see previous postings) then antibiotics can be prescribed to help stop replication.

Either way, you're going to have inflammation. Try treating that first.

To best improve your chances of fighting all disease, special phytochemicals in foods called antioxidants are excellent at fighting inflammation. One of the most powerful is acai. When I am sick, I take some fresh juice of that berry as it has a very high rating on the ORAC scale. It's a measure of the amount of antioxidants in a food.

Regularly eating rich foods with lots of antioxidants greatly lowers inflammation. That's not even debated anymore.
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