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Message Subject GLP How many of us are sick today ?????unidentified respiratory illness?????Post if you cant stop coughing!!!!
Poster Handle Don'tBeAfraid
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My right knee started hurting me about a week and a half ago and I was just getting over that and then i got a damn stiff neck for the last 3 days. I feel weak as hell too.
 Quoting: Garman906

Might get a test for meningitis...
 Quoting: BRIEF

Thanks Brief
 Quoting: Garman906

dont thank brief. ever. they are the biggest mod shill going.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30596136

Differential Diagnosis: Meningitis versus a Respiratory Infection

One cannot usually evaluate YOURSELF if you have meningitis! Here's some things you can watch for PLUS things that they almost always say.

Rapid decline over HOURS. The worst headache of your life (it's an infection of your brain).Your neck is soooo STIFF. Vomiting on top of everything. Displays being mentally altered (not just sick). Seizures.You cannot rouse them. They are stuporous. No hunger or thirst. The light is so bright that they can't stand it. Possible skin rash.

[Note: medical professionals are listening for trigger words to red flag an illness. If you don't communicate well, then they have to be detectives and sometimes wizards to GUESS. Learn to read your body or your loved ones symptoms.]

It is very very difficult to evaluate meningitis in a baby. They can't communicate any of that so they're crying all the time. What's scarier is they get very weak because they won't feed. Not being able to rouse an infant causes most parents to freak out. [Note: I once knew some parents who made a simple mistake and fed their infant undiluted infant formula and she was blissed out and sleeping. She was fine, but they freaked.]

There are three kinds of meningitis: viral (most common), bacteria (most deadly and less common), fungal (very rare). All can be detected easily, but you're going to hate how they must do it. A spinal tap will reveal changes in your cerebro-spinal fluid since that fluid also surrounds the meninges of the brain.

If they're not paying attention (new resident, bad med tech) then a fungal case of meningitis can be missed.

Bacterial meningitis meant you allowed a bacterial infection, often from a respiratory infection to go TOO LONG.

It is not normal for an infection to be bad for two weeks. Sorry, it isn't. An infection that lasts that long means you are not doing something to make yourself heal. It's not blaming you. It's that all people need help, real help and rest, and sometimes you cannot do it alone. If you let an infection, particularly a bacterial infection last, then the sinuses of the head get filled. The infection spreads and way overloads you immune system to cope.

A respiratory infection could last two-four weeks, but it has a bad three days, might be bad a week. Longer means something is wrong. Some other infection, taking the wrong antibiotics, not getting nourishment, not enough rest, etc.

If you're pregnant, you don't screw around, but get treated when you can't seem to get well.

Contaminated milk or meat can have Listeria bacteria (hey that rhymes) in it, and this can cause bacterial meningitis. Classic case: someone in the summer ate a bad hot dog.

Viral meningitis: this happens in the Summer and the Autumn, most often due to West Nile virus, possibly Herpes Simplex. Classic: the patient thinks they have a "summer cold" and then exhibits the symptoms above.

Herpes! Well most of you are infected with Herpes Simplex I. You got infected at some point, and then when your immune system is down, then you get a cold sore. We think 80-90 % of people in the USA have it. On rarer occasions if someone has a cool breeze blowing on them all night, it might show up as Bell's Palsy (temporary but long lasting facial paralysis).

The other kind of Herpes, Simplex 2, is not common and a curse that is sexually transmitted.

Fungal meningitis usually is caused by Cryptococcal spores. It tends to happen in certain regions, or around bird owners who have been around contaminated bird droppings.
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