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Message Subject GLP How many of us are sick today ?????unidentified respiratory illness?????Post if you cant stop coughing!!!!
Poster Handle Don'tBeAfraid
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I've been coughing like crazy, deep cough with congestion in my chest and sinuses. The weird thing is I don't think it's viral because I don't have a fever or typical cold or flu symptoms. Today I thought (after a couple weeks of this) that I didn't feel too bad but after walking at the store felt short of breath. I've tried all kinds of natural treatments and a coule inhalers and nothing really works very well. The only thing left is the hospital and oxygen if it doesn't get better. It seemed to start up when we had some rain.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31888093

It could be an allergic reaction to mold. Fungal infections are not uncommon especially if you work in construction or your home is under rennovation, or something along those lines.

A cough can be triggered by all kinds of things. It would litterally take a full page to list them all. Does it feel like a tickling sensation that triggers it? If so, it can be a spasm from your phrenic nerve. It's the nerve that passes through your diaphram and can be caused by the lungs, liver, or stomach rubbing upon it.

Typically coughs are smooth muscle spasms as a result of a restriction in your airway, and the spasm is a reponse to eject the mucus plug.

Are you around a lot of dust?

Did you try the percussive therapy or watch the video?

What color is the mucus?

Here's a short list of things that can cause a cough:

Coughing happens due to a narrowing of the respiratory tract. In addition, a spasm of the smooth muscle of the tract can trigger a coughing fit.

It also could be an allergic reaction from a foreign material.

It could be asthma.

It could be mold in your home, a common issue.

It could be dust mites in your mom's bed and linens, and they trigger an allergic response.

It also could be silicon grit as a result of being around the substance, often happening to masonry workers.

It could also be tuberculosis. People get ill when young, they heal, the bacterium cocoons off as a caseous (cheese-like) granuloma, and then when weak reinfects them.

It could be an overabundance of calcium or potassium triggering smooth muscle contraction when not needed.

It could be a tumor whether benign or cancerous.

It could be the growth of incorrect tissue in the area, often scar tissue, and causing irritation.

It could be a problem with the formation of glycosominoglycans which are the building blocks of mucus, and hence the area is dry and cracked and irritated.

It could be a fungal infection of aspergilliosis that's infected her lungs with the material, and possibly the brain.

It could be a tear in the lining and so constant irritation and difficult to heal.

It could be a failure of the eppiglotis allowing food to enter the lungs, causing irritation.

It could be GERD causing aspiration of stomach contents while lying down and then spilling into the lungs.

It could be a foreign body that was apirated from poor food prepared in a restarant, and if glass then difficult to show on Xray.

It could be an occupational exposure to a chemical while working and causing daily allergic irritation.

It could be exposure to aspestos or fiberglass and the particles are irritating the lining of the tract.

It could be some form of pulmonary edema (fluid) causing a choking sensation like a drowning victim experiences.

Some medicines have coughing as a side effect, most notably ACE inhibitors and Beta blockers, both used for high blood pressure. Look at all of her medicines in a Physician's Desk Reference for reactions.

It could be the combination of taking certain medicines and triggering an issue.
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