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Message Subject GLP How many of us are sick today ?????unidentified respiratory illness?????Post if you cant stop coughing!!!!
Poster Handle DMTHC
Post Content
Been coughing up black (dark brown/green) matter and a clear gluey jelly like substance in my muscus sporadically for a good 6 years or so- Long before drug use started or any form of abuse started. I have been on many things to try and fix this- Some subdue, nothing removes. Tested for all allergies and nothings came up 1dunno1
 Quoting: DMTHC

Did you read the post about percussive therapy. It's something a respiratory tech (pulmonary tech) might do, but you can do it at home. Look back at my posts. Heck I'll post one again.

This shows the six position.
[link to www.uwhealth.org]

Anyone who has a cough and mucus is coming out and having trouble NEEDS to do this. Maybe in ten years it will be in parenting books, and the next generation will think of it as normal.

That tapping is far better than anything to help remove the mucus. Would you rather wait for cough medicine and pills to slowly work? Or would rather get immediate relief? It's up to you.

Anyone can be trained to do it. Heck a child could do it for you.

When someone is in drug rehab, their liver is a mess. Kidney too. Both filter the blood especially the liver.
In Germany they give milk thistle to detox.

I know personally of a very bad alcoholic who was dying and had a matter of days to live. She took milk thistle and it gave her a month to say goodbye. It's powerful and cheap.

If you were smoking some drug, you'll have tar in your lungs that got deposited as particles in mucus and slowly will get express.

Sounds like an full blown bacterial infection. Drug users of long duration sometimes get fungal infections in their lungs because they've abused their bodies so much. Your symptoms sound like aspergillosis.
They have to learn how to expel mucus because their lungs are damaged. Seems dumb, but try it. Seriously.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
 Quoting: Don'tBeAfraid

I had not read through replys when I posted, I will check it out thanks!

Im not using cough medicine or pills- Seretide inhaler and rhinocort have been keeping it at bay(If you have any information on these please let me know hf). I have had other issues to deal with so I have not really attacked this one yet, My liver and kidneys are in fine form, as are all my other organs, blood and vitamin counts- They can not find a thing wrong with me! (Other issues have been muscular)

Smoke cannabis through a bong most days, use to be allot heavier. This is the only constant.

Seems dumb but alot of people dont know..
I am a pro at expeling my mucus tounge
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