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Message Subject GLP How many of us are sick today ?????unidentified respiratory illness?????Post if you cant stop coughing!!!!
Poster Handle Isis One
Post Content
The 'disease' 50% or more are suffering from is called Fukushimaitis.

First symptoms, as explained to moranic public WAS .... FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS!

That is AFTER you reach 50 Rems/Rads of CUMULATIVE radiation dose from eating, drinking and inhaling the radiation. From THERE, it is ALL DOWNHILL, with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, red itchy skin ( from Beta radiation in rain ), sore throat, sore mouth, hair loss, recurring infections, bleeding ( from the gums ) and anemia !

STAY in denial, and rid the gene pool of another idiot.

Oh, and remember Obammy SAID " It will never reach our shores', among other lies.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31897366

My dog had a terrible rash on her haunch, red, blistering, itchy etc. Vet didn't know what it was, we did some yeast treatment, didn't cure it. When the water in the bucket she drinks from sometimes outside froze a couple of weeks ago, her rash cleared up completely within 5 days. I ruled out the bucket because when the snow fell two weeks ago and she started eating that, the rash returned, so its the radiation in the rain/snow I guess, wonderful, freaking wonderful.
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